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Bode George suffers serious blow in Lagos as his long-term ally Shodipe joins Tinubu’s APC


Chief Bode George, a leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos state, has suffered a big political blow as his longstanding ally and media aide dumped him for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s All Progressives Congress.

Telescope.ng reports that Shodipe pledged his allegiance to the APC presidential flag bearer on Tuesday, September 13, in Lagos.

Shodipe was introduced to Tinubu by Prince Tajudeen Olusi during the meeting of Governance Advisory Council on Monday at old State House, Marina.

The GAC is the highest decision-making body of the Lagos APC.

Shodipe had earlier in the day announced his decision to dump the PDP in a statement.

He wrote: “I have served PDP for more than 17 years with selflessness, with determined resolve and dedication to party and leadership. I never once canvassed for any position or influence. I did my duty with forbearance and with resolute sincerity without complaint, without a grudge, without pecuniary hovering, without gains.

“For years, I slaved in the dark hours fruitlessly hoping for the bright days. It never happened. I endured the slings of envy and the arrows of animadversion. I braved the cruel idiocy of little men and the crude purveyors of conspiracies with courageous mantle of God’s holy light.

“I spent millions of my personal fortunes to enhance and strengthen the viability of the Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos state and I equally wrote hundreds of innumerable speeches and articles with vigorous public articulations.

“In the process I made a thousand and more enemies and basically endangered my life and that of my family members simply because of my devotion to what i perceived to be the truth and the sacredness of the prevalent order.

“I even lost my immediate junior brother, Prince Muis Adediran Shodipe -Dosunmu, who was then the State Secretary, amid the terrible hours of fate. Yet, I kept the faith. I held my rudder true. I shouldered the crucibles of life with quiet, uncomplaining solitude.

“But all beginnings must have an end. I have served my course in PDP. My story is told. My journey is made. Now beckons a new journey. I must now part ways. I must now move to the other isle where merit is valued, where hardwork and ethical centrality are given a hearing, where excellence is cultivated with doting restlessness by the embrace of a pan – Nigerian leadership.

“At this moment and time, at this hour and instant, I therefore tender my irrevocable resignation as a member of the Peoples Democratic Party.”

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