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2023: Wike blasts Ayu, accuses PDP chairman of campaigning against party


Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, has said the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Iyorcha Ayu, indulged in an unpardonable height of anti-party when he campaigned against the party in Kano state by saying “PDP has brought us shame.”

Telescope.ng reports that the governor stated that if there is any section of the PDP that has brought shame to the country, it is the national headquarters under Ayu’s leadership and not Rivers State chapter of the party.

Wike made the accusation at the campaign flag-off by the Rivers State Campaign Council for Eleme local council that held at Community Secondary School Field, Alode Town, Eleme, on Friday, February 10.

Wike insisted that Ayu spoke out of the abundance of his heart, even though he may want to defend it as a slip, adding that it goes to confirm that as an undertaker, his likes came back to kill the PDP.

He, however, vowed that “they will not be allowed to kill it.”

Wike added: “When you see undertakers, you will see those who came to kill this party. But the party will not die; they will die first. I didn’t know they are wicked to this party; no wonder they left this party and joined ACN before.
“He (Ayu) said they would not allow PDP to be in power. Is that a good chairman? It that not anti-party? Is the chairman not doing anti-party. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. For us in Rivers State, our own party is a good party. Our own is a party that has done Rivers State well.”

Wike also criticised the poor implementation of the naira redesign policy and the socio-economic hardship that it has caused Nigerians.

The governor said those supporting the poorly implemented policy are enemies of the people and the country.

He wondered why the national leadership of the PDP that is in opposition and should always side with the people in the quest to return to power at the federal level would support the anti-people policy.
He reiterated that the PDP in Rivers State would always side with the Nigerian masses, saying it cannot identify and support a policy that has been implemented to aggravate the suffering of the people.
“This is supposed to be an opposition party, is it not? A party that is supposed to identify with the masses. This is a party that is saying the ruling party is not doing well. Is it not? It means that anything that affects the masses we must not be in support of it.   Are you happy that you have money in the bank and you can’t get your money? Will you be happy? Are you happy?

“Since the Central Bank came with this madness, is it not affecting you? But you see my problem; instead of our party to identify with the masses, the leadership of the party at the national level is now saying they are happy with what the Central Bank is doing. Is that good?
“Instead of us to identify with the masses who are suffering, you are saying that you are happy with the policy that Central Bank and the cabal brought that is making us to suffer. You are saying that it is good? We in Rivers State, we will not support it.”

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