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2023: Northern APC Christian forum asks Lalong, others to resign from Tinubu campaign council


The Northern APC Christian Forum (NACF) has asked Plateau State governor, Simon Lalong, and other Christians faithful inaugurated as members of the party’s presidential campaign council to resign their respective positions.

Telescope.ng reports that the Forum, which made the call at a briefing in Abuja yesterday, said doing so became imperative to protest what it described as the party’s adamant refusal to respect the religious diversity of its members and ensure balance in its presidential ticket.

Speaking, General Secretary of NACF, Lukas Bako, raised the alarm that under the present arrangement in the APC, Christians would be subjected to untold persecution, if the party should win the presidential election come 2023.

He said:  “It is our firm position that the issue of Muslim-Muslim Ticket has been treated with kids’ gloves by the leadership of the APC.

“This, in our considered opinion, is a gross disregard for the religious configuration of the country and the need to ensure a balanced ticket that would address the concerns and reservations of the religious groups in the country.

“It remains a hard pill to swallow for the country’s Christian community with the APC’s action in fielding a Muslim-Muslim Ticket for the 2023 presidential elections.

”We also find it worrisome that the APC has not deemed it necessary to address this genuine concern in the overarching objective of carrying all members of the APC family along in preparation for the 2023 presidential elections.

“The Northern APC Christians Forum is concerned that the APC leadership’s lack of respect for the Christians in Northern Nigeria has reached an alarming crescendo, which could pass for a deliberate attempt to delineate the Christian population in Northern Nigeria.

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