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2023: You can’t win without Lagos, Kano, Rivers – Kwankwaso tells Atiku, PDP


The presidential candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) Rabiu Kwankwaso has told the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate Atiku Abubakar it cannot win the 2023 presidential election without controlling two out of Lagos, Kano and Rivers votes.

Telescope.ng reports that Kwankwaso wondered where the PDP was hoping to get votes from when the three States are currently out of their reach.

He said his exit from the party had denied the PDP access to Kano and with the way Atiku had treated Wike and members of his Integrity Group, Rivers would be far from him in 2023.

Kwankwaso spoke on Monday when he inaugurated Mgbuitanwo internal roads in Emohua Local Government Area constructed within one year by Wike.

Obviously referring to Atiku, he said some persons were obsessed with a party ticket and could do anything possible to grab it but would later rigidly stick to one idea.

He said some people were running from pillar to post looking for leaders to intervene in their travails, but he warned such leaders to respect themselves.

He said: “Many people have made many mistakes. They don’t understand. They are rigid in the sense that whether they are failing or winning, they will stick to one idea. They will stick to one candidate, not minding the consequences, not minding the feeling of the people that are in poverty.

“We have seen people in my former party that whatever they want is ticket. They are ready to do anything to have a ticket. I can tell you as governor Wike has been saying, any party that cannot control two of the three states of Kano, Lagos and Rivers has been saying it and people are not taking note of it.

“By now with Kwankwaso out of that party, Wike is still struggling to be there or not to be there, somehow things are moving. Certainly, Lagos is not their own, one begins to wonder where they will get their votes to win the election of 2023.

“We have seen people, struggling and probably regretting going around to talk to many leaders to beg them to intervene either here or there. Let me say to those leaders, please at this critical time respect yourselves. Do the right thing.”

Kwankwaso recalled that a similar scenario played out in 2014 when he and four other Governors formed a separate group in PDP but the party leaders called their bluffs saying they could only produce five votes.

He commended Wike for leading the integrity group and charged them to do the right thing.

He said: “Let me acknowledge and congratulate Governor Wike for leading the integrity group. This group, I believe are good people and I know by the grace of God the group will do the right thing as soon as possible.

“I believe they are people of integrity and posterity will judge them based on the action they take. I am happy they are doing the right thing and they are talking and consulting. Many people are talking about governor Wike as if it is just one person.

“That was what happened in 2013-14. Five of us as governors formed a group and this same party did not understand. Many of the leaders were saying only five votes, only five of them.

“Until the 2015 election happened, many of them did not understand. I believe they are not only G5. We are aware of the G1, whether they will merge very soon or later, we will keep watching the development.”

Kwankwaso said he saw earlier the present crisis rocking the party before the Governor realIsed it adding that it was part of the reasons why left the PDP.

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