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Breaking: WhatsApp down: App not working as users unable to send or receive messages


WhatsApp is down, with many users saying they cannot send or receive messages.

Telescope.ng gathered that the popular app had been broken for around 30 minutes, with many reporting similar issues. Usually, people would be able to message family and friends however, the messages aren’t delivering.

When sending a message, two ticks usually appear in the right corner; however, people are currently seeing a clock icon when the message is struggling to send.

The disruption led to many problems this Tuesday morning, with many users turning to Twitter to see what has happened.

According to MTechnology, whenever WhatsApp crashes, it is a major deal worldwide, given that it is the most popular messaging app, with two billion monthly active users globally.

And that is the case this Tuesday, with WhatsApp outages reported across the globe to start this October 25.

According to the monitoring service DownDetector, a number of users have reported issues with sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp in the early hours of Tuesday morning, specifically around 02:00 CDT.

When will WhatsApp be working again?

It’s certainly not the first time that WhatsApp has crashed, but the service is usually restored within just a few hours.

As the world’s biggest messaging service, they have the numbers of staff to solve whatever the issue is. At least, that’s usually the case.

Where to check if WhatsApp is back working

The easiest way to check if WhatsApp is up and running again is to go on the app.

If it’s not working, there will be a message saying “retrying”, so if that’s not there then it might be active again.

You can also visit a site like DownDetector to see the latest stats on the number of outage reports.

The reaction to WhatsApp being down

Whenever WhatsApp isn’t working, the same kinds of memes come out, usually on Twitter.

In the past, a WhatsApp outage has sometimes coincided with a problem on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which are part of the same company, but they appear to be working this time.

According to the service status website Down Detector, users began reporting issues with WhatsApp just before 8 am on Tuesday morning, with more than 12,000 reports posted by 8.30 am.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the UK and around the world and is estimated to have more than two billion active users globally. It is not yet clear when the app will be fixed.

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